49l, personal cell culture Co2 incubator

When arrayed in triple stackable configurations, the Panasonic MCO-5AC unit meets GLP requirements by helping to avoid patient-to-patient cross contamination in individualized patient-specific clinical incubation applications.

Improved Temperature Stability with D.H.A. System

P.I.D. controlled 3-way heaters plus Panasonic's proprietary D.H.A. (Direct Heat and Air jacket) provides a high-precision temperature environment, and minimizes the risk of condensation now and in the future. The Panasonic D.H.A. System is patented with U.S. Patent Number 5519188.


  • Preventive Contamination Control
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Improved Temperature Stability with D.H.A. System
  • Heat Decontamination Not Required
  • High Performance In Vitro Modeling
  • Automatic CO2 Cylinder Switchover System
  • Ergonomic Design (Compact, Triple Stacking)
  • TC Sensor System
  • Compact, triple stacking
  • Single chamber
  • Active Background Contamination Control
  • Patented Direct Heat and AIR Jacket Heating System
  • Panasonic inCu saFe copper-alloy-stainless interior, shelves and plenum
  • Field-reversible Door
  • Water Level Sensor
  • Automatic Gas Cylinder Switchover System (Optional)
  • In Vitro Fertilization Applications
Exterior (W x d x H) 480 x 548 x 568 mm
Interior (W x D x H) 350 x 378 x 375 mm
Effective capacity 49 litres
Net Weight 49 kg
Exterior finish Painted steel
Interior finish Copper-enriched stainless steel
Inner doors 1
Shelves 3, max. 6
max. load/shelf 4 kg
Access ports 1, backside Ø 30 mm
Cabinet Insulation Rigid foam polyurethane
Heating system Direct Heat & Air Jacket
Temperature controler Microprocessor PID thermistor sensor
Temperature range +5°C above AT to 50°C (in a 5°C to 35°C AT)
Temperature uniformity +/- 0,25°C*
Temperature controllability +/- 0,1°C*
CO2 control system ON-off control
CO2 range 0 to 20%
CO2 controllability +/- 0,15%*
CO2 sensor TC sensor (Direct chamber detection)
Humidification method Natrual evaporation with humidifying pan
Relative humidity 95 +/- 5% RH
Water level sensor yes
Interior surface Standard InCu saFe® Copper Enriched Stainless Steel
UV lamp Optional SafeCell UV system
Hi/low temperature alarm yes
C02 level alarm yes
Door failure alarm yes
UV lamp failure alarm yes
Low water alarm yes
Independent overheat protection yes
Remote alarm contact 30V DC, 2A allowable